Verifying your members with TOTUM

TOTUM provides a range of digital services for students and other learners – to make use of these services individuals must fst be verified as genuine members of their organisation.

Individuals can do this by verifying that they are undertaking a learning activity with one of our partner institutions. 

We support a range of verification methods:

  • Single sign-on via the UK Access Management Federation using the institution web portal
  • Completing an email verification process using an institution issued email account
  • Make use of an access code generated by a TOTUM partner web widget
  • Signing up to TOTUM via a protected URL
  • Make use of a TOTUM voucher code
  • Physically collecting a TOTUM card from an institution

This page covers the steps required to implement the protected URL verification method.  If you require information about other student verification methods, please speak to your TOTUM customer partner.



In order to set up a protected URL for your institution, you must meet some technical and business requirements:

  1. Be working with a TOTUM customer partner
  2. Your institution must operate a website
  3. The website must have a private secure area that is protected behind a login or account
    1. The private area must be restricted to members/students and staff only
    2. The private area must be protected by an authentication mechanic (such as a username/password)
    3. An external service such as an Office 365 SharePoint site is also acceptable

Example onboarding timeline

  1. Complete the form at the end of this webpage.
  2. Within 5 working days from the submission of the form, TOTUM technical staff will configure and set up your protected link
  3. You will then receive notification from your TOTUM customer partner who will supply you with the unique URL. The URL will be similar to<uniquecode>
    Where <uniquecode> is replaced with a random string of characters.
  4. The link must then be embedded within the originating URLs which were submitted as part of the onboarding form. Links can take one of the following forms:
    1. A hyperlink
    2. A banner or call to action – TOTUM marketing collateral can be downloaded at
    3. Please do not use a referral network, internal tracking or link shortener to obfuscate the protected URL – this may break the verification process
    4. Important! Because of recent updates to the way Google Chrome and other browsers handle passing referral URL’s to other sites, we will require the link to contain the following HTML attribute referrerpolicy=”no-referrer-when-downgrade” we use the referral URL to validate users have come from your site, so without this, the tool will not work.
  5. The link should then be validated by a member of staff confirming that they can click on the link, and proceed to register for TOTUM at to signup for the free TOTUM Digital product.
    When accessing  via the protected URL a visitor will be automatically verified as a student and associated with your institution
  6. Your students/members can then start signing up for TOTUM via the protected URL

Please complete the form below to get started - we will be in touch in approx. 3 working days once the setup is complete.