One way to help increase your sales is to tell all staff at your institution that they can get a TOTUM card!

Having staff using the card means more positive advocates around campus and more reward income for you.

Here is an all-staff email template you can use and here are some images you can use for intranet pages or staff noticeboards.

Staff application process

Staff can apply through the same process as students at https://app.totum.com/login/ - There are just a couple of differences to what they would enter on the application;

For your course details please enter;

Start date: Date you place your order

End date: 3 years from the start date

Course subject: Other

- When it comes to verifying, staff will need to use the academic email address option (the portal option will only work for students)

- Once the account is verified all that is needed is to select the type/duration of TOTUM membership you would like and then finalise your order.