Finding the time to properly promote TOTUM is a massive challenge especially around enrolment. Why not get some students to help as part of their work experience? 

We’d like to offer students the chance to develop their skills by becoming part of team TOTUM. We know some colleges find it hard to offer good quality work experience projects for all students and having them promote and sell TOTUM cards at college could be a great way to for them to improve planning, sales and marketing skills. 

What we are suggesting:

  • Identify suitable students; possibly progressing Level 2 business or Level 3 year one students who would be available from late August through mid-September to learn the ropes and support sales through enrolment 
  • We would come and brief students about TOTUM and supply them with point of sale kits and digital imagery. 
  • They would devise a segmented marketing plan for both on-site and online (maybe with your college marketing team) with sales targets based on some market research. Our marketing team could review and give feedback. 
  • When students buy the card, they verify that they are your students, so we would be able to track sales as the student’s progress through their time on work experience. 
  • Students can go and talk to local business’ and collate a list of offers which they can add to the TOTUM app here. We can supply window stickers for business’ who support TOTUM.  
  • We can send you a sales report for them to review and map against targets. 
  • The college makes 12.5% from every card sold, so you could agree a cut for the students either in the form of trip, meal or vouchers. 
  • At the end of the project we could come back in and review and give feedback for CV/UCAS etc.
  • You could also offer work experience to media students to make videos like these  

  • How about this project from Games Design Students
  • And if you know of Vloggers.....